Athletic Development (Speed, Agility, Coordination, Focus)

Jevon C. Rudolph



Jevon is one of the best athletic developers available anywhere. Teams or individual players can schedule training with
Jevon by email at or 702.772.1807.

 Professional Playing Experience

 AFL 2 Football – Colorado Venom 2004 

 NWFL Football – King County Jaguars, Seattle Blue Devils

 USISL Soccer – San Fernando Valley Golden Eagles 1996-97
                                 Stanislaus County Cruisers 1996

 College Playing Experience

 Mt San Antonio College Soccer Team 1994-1996

 Mt San Antonio Track 1994-1996 

 Training Experience

 IYCA Youth Fitness Certification. 

 15 years personal training experience with various companies (World Gym, Excel Fitness, Bally Total Fittness).

 7 years focusing on professional and youth athletic development.

 Responsible for multiple athletes receiving University scholarships.

 Worked with various High School Track teams on the West Coast as a Speed Specialist.

 Many years of club soccer experience.